Forest Pay

By entering the one-time password (OTP) sent by Forest Pay, I express my interest in availing Forest pay health loan facility- physical and electronic.

I confirm that I am

1) More than 18 years of age

2) Can understand world wide web/internet in English language

3) Have read, understood and agree to the terms & conditions mentioned in this form Further I agree that my action of submission of OTP sent by Forest Pay, constitutes a valid acceptance by me of the terms and conditions contained herein, which shall have binding effect on me. Also, I understand that the terms provided below are contingent on me providing all the details including but not limited to KYC related details, as part of my application for sole satisfaction of Forest Pay and Forest pay at its sole and absolute discretion, without assigning any reasons, may accept or reject my application for availing the card. If my application is accepted by Forest Pay, I understand, acknowledge and agree that my application shall be governed by terms & conditions provided herein

Terms & Conditions

I hereby state, confirm and agree as under:

1. That I have applied for Forest Pay loan of type as specified in this form (Application Form) from Forest Pay.

2. That I hereby unconditionally acknowledge and accept that:

a. The Card may be issued by Forest Pay either in physical or electronic form.

b. All particulars, information and details/information that I would provide in relation to my application would be true, correct and up to date in all respect and that I would not withhold any material information I would be obligated to keep Forest Pay immediately update of any change in the information provided by me.

c. I hereby authorize Forest pay to verify/check/obtain download my KYC details from CKYC Registry; (i) by verifying such details through CKYC number (i.e., KYC identification number- KIN) provided by me or (ii) by obtaining such CKYC number/KIN through details shared by me as part of this Application Form.

d. In the event, KYC is processed through OKYC, I hereby voluntarily consent at my own discretion to share the XML file containing my Aadhar information to Forest Pay & its permitted assigns /affiliates for the purpose of establishing my identity through such acceptable manner in terms of UIDAI guidelines or under any Act of law from time to time. I hereby also expressly declare that:

i. My XML file containing my Aadhar details will be used for KYC (Know Your Customer) purposes only to avail financial facilities from Forest Pay and that the information submitted by me to Forest Pay shall not be used for any other purpose, unless the same is required under any law

ii. During offline verification process, my information such as Name, Photo, Date of Birth, Email ID, Mobile Number, Age, Gender and Address may be verified by Forest Pay,

iii. I will be required to submit any other officially valid document (OVD)/ Deemed to be OVD in place of Aadhar.

e. I shall submit any/all document, in such form and manner as may be required by Forest Pay. Further in case of any changes in my registered KYC or bank account details, I will promptly update such changes with Forest Pay.

f. I understand that my application shall be rejected by Forest Pay, if all the documents as required by Forest Pay are not furnished (in such form and manner acceptable to Forest Pay), within the time.

3. Terms and Conditions mentioned above are subject to change at the sole discretion of forest Pay when /if they wish